Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

We all have heard log homes are warm and comfortable. A large part of this thinking is due to the large amount of natural wood used in the structure. It has always been hard to quantify this feeling; you have to live in a log home to feel this. Only recently in the past decade has scientific testing been done by a number of industry organizations to measure this effect. We now know for certain what we have felt all along: Log homes are energy efficient! Not only that, but they are great at sequestering carbon from our atmosphere!

When built correctly, our log homes will meet or exceed any energy efficiency code standard around the world. The size (diameter) and type (specie) of the log used is a big factor, among other specific building techniques.

These studies have shown that constructing a log home emits 4x less greenhouse gases than building a conventional stick-frame house. In fact, log homes sequester 3x more carbon than a conventional house. Here is an excerpt from the BC Log & Timber Building Industry Association:

From Bcltbi

When you purchase one of our homes, be proud that not only do you get a natural aesthetically pleasing structure, but also an environmentally friendly one as well!

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Downloadable documents:

Energy Performance by Log Homes Council

Life Cycle Assessment by Athena Sustainable Materials Institute