Western Red Cedar

A large tree, up to 60 metres tall when mature; trunk often spreading out widely at the base. The Western Red Cedar is an excellent choice for the construction of your custom Log Home.

Canada's Log People uses Western Red Cedar because of its durability and because its light in weight. Western Red Cedar has a natural oil, making it very resistant to rot and decay, ensuring the longevity of your log home for years and years. This wood species will outlast any other softwood species especially in high humidity or coastal climates and is impervious to insects.

It strength to weight ratio is the lowest so where structural beams and roof structures are a concern we use Douglas Fir for these areas.Western Red Cedar is also the softest of all the softwoods so it is the least resilient to wear and tear. It has a light yellow/brown/tan sapwood with a darker yellow/brown/red heartwood. The odor of Cedar is probably the strongest having it's own natural appeal.

Canada's Log People tries to use tight grained Western Red cedar where possible and can also use the flared butt style of log ends if the customer so desires.