Lodgepole Pine

A tall, slender, straight tree which grows throughout most of the Interior and is excellent for the construction of Log Homes.

Lodgepole Pine strength is less than Doug Fir but more than Englemann Spruce. It doesn't grow as straight as some of the other softwoods so selection for building logs takes more time.

Pine does have it's own odor which is a mild sweet smell.Lodgepole Pine does have a lot of character to the wood such as "cat-faces",bends for character posts, unusual knots and does get natural blue-stain. After it's harvested and the sapwood mixes with rain or moisture, the sapwood turns a blue/gray colour because it has more sugar content in the sap which when mixed with moisture turns this natural color.

Clients that order a Lodgepole Pine house generally want a house that has more "character" than other species of softwoods. Canada's Log People also uses some of these "character pieces for accents in their other log homes as well.

Canada's Log People only uses tight grain interior Lodgepole Pine timber for it's homes.