Douglas Fir

A large tree, reaching heights of 85 metres on the coast and 42 metres in the Interior. Douglas Fir is a heartier wood than most other softwoods and has a higher strength ratio. Engineers allow longer spans with Douglas Fir because of it's strength. It also has a tendency to shrink less during the drying process. Being a heartier wood we recommend this species for more humid climates along coastal regions and high humidity locations.

Douglas Fir has a grainier texture when sanded or peeled. After a treatment is applied the grain is easily seen compared to some other softwoods. Douglas Fir is harder to cut when working with it and when dried is quite hard and resilient to wear and tear over a long period of time. Douglas Fir has a light sapwood with a yellowish/orange tinge. The heartwood is a darker color of orange/brown. Douglas Fir has a distinct odor which is fairly mild.

A Few of our customers like this wood because of it's 2-tone appearance. Canada's Log People only uses interior tight grain Doug Fir that is grown slowly and is much superior to coastal Doug Fir.