Celebrating 40 Years - Handcrafted Log Homes & Timber Frame Homes

Celebrating 40 Years - Handcrafted Log Homes & Timber Frame Homes

Company owner and president, Theo Wiering, and his team are dedicated to building the finest log buildings possible. We have shipped over 1400 log buildings worldwide!

Our mission statement is “Built with Quality and Pride”. A handcrafted log home or timber home is solid, warm, and comfortable, and will be a source of pride and satisfaction for many years to come. Let us or one of our professional representatives make your dream home become a reality.

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With Canada’s Log People, you won’t get a typical woodworking crew. Over the past four decades we have formed into a family with one goal in mind: to build impressive log homes and timber homes to last generations.

We are so happy with our house and would love for Theo to visit! Theo is also welcome to stay in our home in Germany anytime.

~ Helmut and Lise Iffland,

Lac la Hache

Forest Facts
Forest Facts

In the last eight years, BC has doubled its protected areas to 13.8% of the province - one of the highest percentages in North America.

Forest Fact Trees

We help you choose the right species of tree for your log or timber home

At Canada’s Log People, Inc., we carefully choose the best wood for your environment. Over the past thirty years of work in the log building industry, we have focused on using only the highest quality of all our wood species; over 95% is premium or select grade. With all of these striking and unique types of timber to choose from, we hope you will consider Canada’s Log People as your only choice when it comes to building the log home of your dreams.